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Bolta Skill sessions give players at the beginner to intermediate level the opportunity to take hundreds of touches on the ball.  We limit the size of these non contact sessions to groups of 6, and we're able to offer exciting sessions while maintaining distance between the players.  Sessions are offered to players in two age groups, 6-11 year olds and 12-16 year olds.  Bolta Skill focuses on player engagement, reinforcing their love and enjoyment of the game.  These sessions are more technical than tactical in a setting where you are encouraged to push your level and make mistakes, giving them the opportunity to learn from those mistakes and grow as a player.  Training starts with dribbling, moves into passing followed by shooting drills using Toca Football Technology.   Toca machines deliver several kinds of balls (ground, aerial and volley) at various speeds and intervals giving players the opportunity to learn from many situations.

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